SEO isn’t about increasing organic traffic, it’s so much more

SEO isn’t about increasing organic traffic, it’s so much more

There’s a common misconception that I want to dispel. It’s a topic that sets apart the very best SEO specialists with those who just know a thing or two about SEO.

This misconception is that the purpose of SEO is just to increase the amount of traffic from search engines to a particular website. Now whilst this might be useful for a small number of websites, such as those that are monetised by in-article contextual ads, this is actually majorly unhelpful for most sites.

Think of it this way…

Why would you value 1,000 visitors who don’t convert to your action more than you do 5 that do? The point here is that, for the most part, large amounts of traffic aren’t very useful unless they are the right audience suited to take your specific action.

Whether that action is purchasing something, signing up, donating, registering or even just enquiring. The thing that great SEO experts do well is to identify the audience who is most likely to respond best and to target them with very focused content.

What type of content targets the right audience?

This is very objective and it depends on the specific niche you are operating in. It’s worth noting that this often isn’t a quick realisation or an easy decision to come by, but careful planning can provide huge benefits.

First it’s necessary to look at what knowledge your business or organisation has that could help the type of audience who are likely to buy your product.


One great method to employ is troubleshooting user issues. This is very effective with technology or web-based issues where you can perfectly match up an article with a particular error message. Whether you sell electronics, software or hosting solutions, troubleshooting pages are the lifeblood of users.

Simply producing content that solves the problems of users will not only bring them to your site regularly and build up brand awareness, it will more than likely lead to conversions of your action simply because this is the correct audience to target.

News & Innovation

If you operate in an industry where the latest item is exciting to your users then articles about upcoming releases are a great way to bring in the right customers. It’s quite simple when you think about it – those who are excited about a product are the ones most likely to buy that product.


In a similar vein, many of the most successful e-commerce stores make their sales by first attracting users through review pages. This is part of the journey that users take when looking to purchase a product and is known as the ‘Research phase’.

A comprehensive review of a product will help a customer decide whether or not to buy it and once they have made their decision, you are already front and centre with your website. Perfect!

Why, how, what, when?

One brilliant tactic I see used by good SEO experts is to use the sheer volume of question queries to provide insight and expertise about a subject matter. Answerthepublic is a brilliant site for helping you to research questions relating to your niche. You should be able to find endless article topics that users are searching for based on the type of offering your site has.

Simply build pages answering all of these queries using good optimisation techniques and watch as the right audiences come flooding in.

How to convert users

Of course, there is always work to do to take users from the research and discovery phases on their search to the conversion stage. It’s worth employing CRO (conversion rate optimisation) techniques to help you funnel them through to your conversion pages.

In text anchor links and button links are great for funneling users. You should also use internal links to other relevant pages where users may go on to purchase something slightly similar instead.

These are some quick whistle-stop ideas to help you understand, conceptualise and plan your SEO strategy around targeting the right audience. Of course, there are hundreds of different ideas to investigate but just by approaching from a new angle you are on the right course for increasing profitability.